Awards/Official Selections

2016 Manchester International Film Festival Special Mention: Screenplay by Michael Jonathan Smith

2016 FilmQuest Film Festival "Sing for your Supper" Nominated for Best Fantasy Short.

Official Selections for "Sing for your Supper": 2016 Manchester International Film Festival, 2016 Tallgrass International Film Festival, 2016 Santa Fe International Film Festival, 2016 Kerry Film Festival, 2016 Charlotte Film Festival 2016 Rahway International Film Festival, 2016 LA Shorts Film Festival, 2016 DC Shorts Film Festival, 2016 Sidewalk Film Festival, 2016 Rhode Island Film Festival, 2016 deadCenter Film Festival, 2016 FilmQuest Film Festival

Official Selections for "A Stitch in Time for $9.99": 2014 Cinequest Film Festival, 2014 Los Angeles Asian & Pacific Film Festival, 2014 Sci-Fi London, 2014 Little Rock Film Festival, 2014 Palm Springs International Shorts Festival, 2014 Indy Film Fest, 2014 Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, 2014 Costa Rica International Film Festival, 2014 DC Shorts Film Festival, 2014 Holly Shorts Film Festival

2013 NYTVF Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition Finalist: "The Common Cult" (creator Michael Jonathan Smith) (link)

2013 LA WebFest Official Selection for "Mermates". Winner: Outstanding Writing for Comedy Webseries (Michael Jonathan Smith), Best Actor (Chris Yule)


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